What We Do At Vlachernai

  • Public Displays

We host Middle Ages's themed displays, & workshops combat display, archery,combat displays, armoury, costuming, brewing, calligraphy, cookery, leatherwork, metalwork, needlework, pottery, weaving, wood work, and other activties associated with the historical era. If you are looking for a mix of entertainment and education we are available.

We offer fun, exciting, dramatic displays in a historical atmosphere, great for educational and entertainment venues such as Markets, Festivals and School functions (eg fetes, class incursions as part of curriculum)

Please complete our enquiry form on our contact page for more information and booking availablity.

  • For Members

We provide members with the opportunity to enjoy themselves, learning new pursuits and skills, and finding new uses for familiar ones. We hold regular feasts, camps, contests, games and meetings

At our regular meetings we learn techniques of Training and Archery and always following safety and legal requirements. We also have crafts evenings, where members can learn and construct their own garments.

To enquire about membership of the Vlachernai Branch please visit our contact page for details.





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